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Thursday, November 11, 2010


                     If you are a little person you need to go through many surgeries throughout your life. They are to connect your bones and joints properly. That is only one type though. You can also get tubes in your ears to make you hear better. I had to get that done two or three times. This amount is very little to how many surgeries Matt Roloff got. He literally spent his whole childhood in a hospital. Can you believe it?
                     Different kinds of little people have different needs and go through different surgeries. If you are an achondroplasia dwarf like me you usually don't go through many surgeries. If you are a diastrophic dwarf like Matt Roloff the chances are you will go through many. When I got my ear surgery I couldn't bare to stay at the hospital for another second. I couldn't imagine having to stay in the hospital my whole childhood. In Matt's point of view, he longed to see his parents every week in the hospital. To him he felt as if he was trapped in there with some part of his body hurting. I am thankful that I didn't have to go through much pain. It is amazing how much he could endure.
Matt Roloff

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