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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Meeting Other Little People

                   When you meet someone that is just like you it is hard to let them go. Even if they only have one thing in common with you, their way of life could be the same as yours, and when you hear about it, you can't believe what you hear. This is what happens when I meet other little people. Their life feels the same as mine, even with one little difference about both of us, our size.
                  I have met a few little people before. One of them is a doctor who works at John Hopkins's Medical University. Another one is a girl I met at Walmart. The last one is my next door neighbor's, cousin's, stepsister. Today I will tell you a story about how I met one of them.
                 It was a nice, sunny day. A perfect day to play outside with someone. My brother and I decided to go play with Amanda, our five year old next door neighbor. Her cousins had come over so we had three more people to play with. There was something different I noticed about one of Amanda's cousins. I asked Amanda how old that girl was. She said," She is six years old." There it hit me like a home run at a baseball game. I wondered how could this girl be six years old when she looked like she was two? I figured she was a little person, achondroplastic like me. To make sure I asked her parents and they said yes. 
                  Could this be true? I thought seeing a little person wasn't that common. Having a little person be my neighbor's relative was a real shock. Getting out of my thoughts, I realized I was really happy to meet her and so was she. I couldn't wait to hear my story coming out of her mouth. For we two were both the same, little people.


  1. Dear Simran,

    Reading this post of yours made me feel very happy for you. It must be a wonderful thing to have someone just like you that can understand your every situation.
    Also, I noticed you used appositive phrases throughout your post. Practicing writing techniques learned in class and putting them into your own writing is a very important skill which you are following.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Simran,

    This was a great post and I loved hearing about how you met a new friend. I also love how informative and proud you are when you share in your posts! Keep up the good work (I noticed some appositive phrase work as well :) ) I am glad that you are applying the skills you are learning in English class! Have a great weekend and congratulations on being blogger of the week!

  3. Dear Mr.Poole,
    Thank you for choosing me as blogger of the week. I also liked your comment.

  4. Simran,

    We enjoyed your post! Your organization and flow in your writing makes it easy and fun to read. The story you tell is also great - it is good to meet people we share things in common with, isn't it?

    Sue and Ronnie

  5. Dear Sue and Ronnie,
    Thank you for the wonerful comment. I am glad you liked the piece I chose to enter in the contest.