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Friday, November 5, 2010

Milestone Place

Kolkata, India
                    There is a place called Kolkata in the country of India. It is found on most maps and many globes on the northeast part of India. Kolkata is my hometown, but I have lived in Edison, New Jersey for about ten years. Until last summer, when I flew there on a never ending plane ride for vacation.
                     I lived on Park Street in a regular apartment with my grandparents. I still remember on the top of my head the day I went back. It was July 5, 2010, another summer day, but not to me. Most of you would have to drive for a few minutes to see your relatives, I had to fly. Finally, I was waiting for this moment for many years. The day finally came for our family to be reunited.
                     Waiting at the airport my brother and I look for any stopping cars. Thirty minutes later, two, smooth, sleek, shiny cars came to a halt. We rushed outside and couldn't wait for the warm welcome we were about get. Feeling the blacktop underneath my sandals I ran as fast as I could. We couldn't believe our eyes. Our family crystal clear right in front of us.
                      First came my aunt, she took my brother and I and carried us both. Then my grandparents who did the same. Next came two average kids who I call, my cousins. Both of them who don't look like they did in the pictures we saw. First my older cousin Devesh who I just said a simple "hello" to with a gigantic smile. My cousin, Ria gave my a card with a drawing you wouldn't think a five year old could do. Last came my uncle who gave me a tight hug. This was it! The moment of my life I desired for. It was finally here. Possibly the happiest moment of my life. I couldn't have asked for anything more.


  1. This was a great post Sim. You used many good verbs. Keep up the good work.

  2. Simran your Blog Post on Kolkata was very descriptive. You really did do a good job. In the begining you really compared Edison and Kolkata very well. Keep up the good job.

  3. Great post Simran! You used a lot of descriptive words in that post. I have not visited Kolkata in India though. Many people say that it is a very good place. Is it a very good place?

  4. Simran,
    I have never been to India though I was born there. The first year of life was speant there and it wasn't as crystal clear as your memory. Half of my family live in India, I never had the chance to meet them. We often get pictures from them that make me jelous of all the fun they are having. Nice post I really want to go to India now. Your discription is good too. I feel like I've been there.

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  6. Nice blog simran that was a great post. that picture at the bottum with the skateboard reminds me of me. Anyway nice blog and keep up the graet work.

  7. Dear Nimra,
    Thanks for the comment. The first two years of my life I lived in India too. Then I stayed in Edison. I am glad you liked my post.

  8. Dear Vaishnavi,
    Thanks for the comment. Yes, Kolkata is a good place. It is my home nad it also has many malls, churches, and tourist atractions