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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Milestone Interest

                   I love reading almost as much as I love eating ice cream on a scorching, hot, summer day. All I need is myself and any book I can choose from my shelf. If I could I would read all I want. Unfortunately, I can't until my mom yells from the kitchen "Dinner time!" or "Go to sleep!" I would always insist on reading the remaining pages of the chapter, but it wouldn't work.
                   Once I grab a book from my shelf, I run upstairs to my room, adjust my blanket and pillows, then finally open then cover to reach my destination in the magical world of reading. It could be any book. A mystery, fiction, non fiction, or biography. As soon as I read the first word I am sucked into a vacuum. No one can get me out. I love that feeling, no one can get in your own secret palace.
                  A couple of times I used to find myself dreaming about the book I had just finished. I was in the story along with the other characters who seemed to come to life. If I came across my favorite part I would watch it over and over again in the little t.v. I have in my head. While repeating the scene my endless dream gets interrupted by a little monster I'd like to call, my brother.
                   Soon, I would be able to read the book of my choice. Soon, I would know what happens in the next chapter. Soon, I just kept repeating all the possibilities because of the joy I have for reading.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Simran,

    Wonderful post! One of my favorite interests is reading too! I know exactly how you feel when it comes to being drawn into a whole new world-and our imagination takes us to magical places.
    Keep up the great work!