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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Milestone Event

Going to a Movie with my Friends
                    My parents always took my brother and I to see a movie. This time it was different. I was going with my new friend, Shikha. An nice, ordinary, fourteen year old. Knock! Knock! I walk anxiously to open the door for her. We were going to see Eclipse together with two of her friends. As I step into her car I am as excited as an athlete winning his first race. I had been waiting to watch this movie for weeks. My excitement grew since I was going to watch this movie with my new friend.
                  Finally at the theatre we step out the car to meet the two girls that would be joining us. We get our popcorn and tickets and find our seats. I look next to me and behind me. There weren't any adults watching us. This was common for Shikha but not for me. Crunching my popcorn I decide to stop looking and enjoy the movie. I wished this movie would go on forever like a kid reading their favorite book. Who knew I would be trusted at eleven years old while Shikha was fourteen? It was a great experience to discover. I was trusted to watch a movie with only my new friends.
                  That day didn't seem big. Not many people would think so. Why would they? To me, it was a time to be remembered. A day when I only had my friends with me, nothing more. Just four friends and a movie.                                        

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