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Monday, November 1, 2010

Milestone Object

My Patrol Belt
                     When I was ten I was picked to be a patrol. We were recognized by a bright, green belt we wore. It had the words, safety patrol, on it and a badge. I couldn't wait to put on the bright, new belt that was about to be mine. Once the belt was wrapped around me, perfect size, it felt like this wasn't real.
                      When I was in kindergarten I knew my desire was to be a patrol and that dream came true. I felt the smooth, shiny badge and knew this was reality. It was finally my turn to be one.
                       I had to try many different posts before I was chosen to do the announcements. My heart was pumping, sweat was rolling down my forehead, but I did it! My new responsibility was going to be with me till the last day of school. Breath in, breath out I told myself. My mind just wasn't getting this fact in my head, but I knew it was true. It had to be. I was finally a fifth grader and a patrol. My dream was what I was living. I couldn't have been more happier that day when I got my brand new patrol belt.
                        From that day on I knew that if you work hard enough your dream can come true and anything is possible. 

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