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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Should Electives be Applied for? That's Not Fair!

Why would you have to apply for a certain class, like your electives to be chosen for? Electives have always been fun classes to attend. They aren’t usually academic, but they teach you new skills that might come in handy later on. Plus, it wouldn’t be fair to students who always think of themselves as poorly educated or one who always gets bad grades. These classes are supposed to be fun, exciting classes that students always enjoy.
Electives shouldn't’t be for students to compete and think of themselves as the best to be in that class. Every class that a student attends is for one main purpose, the joy of learning. If students were to write a resume, cover letter, and application the judges or teachers always have a chance of saying “no” to that student. In that scenario the student doesn’t get to go to the class they want and never learn whatever was taught. It divides up the students between smart children and not as smart. Like I said before this would be unfair to many students and never gives them a chance to learn. For this reason, I believe that a student shouldn’t have to write a resume, cover letter, and application to be in a certain class.

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  1. Dear Simran,
    I agree why should we have to write something as advanced as a resume just for something that we want to take for the upcoming year. Great blog by the way!