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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Quote About Time

"The past is history, the future is a mystery, today is a present, so spend it peacefully." - Anonymous

What does this quote mean?

                     If there would be only one thing people in this world should be worrying about it is time. When was the last time we didn't care what was happening around us. Time would just freeze at that moment and we wouldn't mind one bit. It's a moment in which peace takes over your body. The happiest time of your life. Everyone remembers their favorite time of their life. It's a once in a lifetime chance. 
                     Now everyone works fast. They are running around from place to place only caring about time. What if time was never noticed by humans? People would just be going through life not ever having a daily schedule. You wouldn't care what happens when. The day before is forgotten. The future would never be cared about. Humans would never evolve to what they are today. All thanks to one little word, time.
                   Time was always there. Even if we never would have known why the sun sets, why the seasons change, or why we even grow up. Time is something which can never be stopped. Live your life everday in an enjoyable way. The past was full of possibilities we had accomplished, while the future beholds new ones. Today is a time to make your dreams come true. Live your life as if it were different everytime you woke up.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Simran,

    This is a wonderful post on why we must appreciate the time we have and the importance of time. I love the sentence "The past was full of possibilities we had accomplished, while the future beholds new ones." Many people tend to look towards the past and regret mistakes or pride themselves on previous achievements; however, as you underscored, we must always focus on the possibilities of the future!

    Happy writing!