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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

                    At the starting of every year you have heard people say, "My New Years resolution is..." The reason people do this is because they don't want to repeat the same mistakes they did the  year before. If they set a goal for themselves they can achieve it and feel good about themselves that the New Year will be different. This year I have set twelve goals for me to accomplish.

Goal #1 
Spend More Time With My Family
Family time is important, because of this I plan to spend more time with them. Every moment in time is precious and I want to spend most of them talking, eating, and playing games with my family

Goal #2
Keep My Grades at an A Average
Keeping control of your grades is not only for your education but also how you understand different things at school. I have always kept my grades at an A average and I plan to keep it that way by studying and keeping my work organized.

Goal #3
Read as Many Books as I Can
During the year I would like to read a variety of books like mysteries, fiction, and biographies. I hope to read new series and read over fifteen books this year.

Goal #4
Read The Last Olympian and The Lost Hero
One of my favorite series are The Percy Jackson series. I love to learn about Greek mythology and adventure that goes with it. I plan to read the last book of the series, The Last Olympian , and start the new series of The Lost Hero.

Goal #5
Practice My Piano More Often
I plan to practice my piano more often, since most of the afternoon/evening I have to do homework. I love to play and every week I get beautiful, and melodic songs to play, which is why I would like to put time into it.

Goal #6
Be a Faster Runner
The length of my legs are short so that causes be to be a little slower than everyone else. By the end of the year I hope to improve my usual speed.

Goal #7
Won't Be Afraid to Drown in a Pool
I have always been scared to drown in I pool. I think that if I am not holding on to anything the water will pull be down, but hopefully I can get over that.

Goal #8
Won't Panic if I Get Stuck in an Elevator
I have been scared of getting stuck in an elevator. Now I say when I am in one, I won't panic and I'll just press the emergency button and I'll get out sooner or later.

Goal #9
Blog More Often
I love to blog and I do it every week. I hope to sometimes do it twice a week, because sometimes I come up with a great idea for a post and think that I'll have to do it next week, by that time it's forgotten.

Goal #10
Be Able to Cook a MealI love to cook, but when I do I am helping my mom with a portion of the meal. I hope to cook a meal the whole family will enjoy.

Goal #11
Use a Cell Phone Wisely
If I get I cell phone for my birthday this year I plan to use it wisely. That means I won't spend the whole day talking or texting my friends.

Goal #12
Don't Spend the Whole Weekend on T.V or the Internet
Every weekend there comes a time when I am bored and have nothing to do. That's the time I watch t.v. the most or go on the computer. I hope that instead of doing those things the rest of the day I'll find an alternative activity which is just as entertaining.
 Here is a video of New Years resolutions all kids
should follow.


  1. Simran,
    I enjoyed reading your New Years Resolution. It was a great way to start the New Year. The Resolution I liked the most was the one with spending more time with family. Keep up the good work!

  2. Dear Donnaghi,
    Thanks for the comment! What are some of you New Year's Resolutions?



  4. omg it is sooooooooooo goooooood for my homework cool