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Friday, January 21, 2011

Keeping Things Unorganized

When did people stop caring to be organized?

    There is no reason to be messy or say that “I am too lazy to make things organized” or “I like it this way”. It just isn’t right. People should clean up after themselves instead of just putting everything in one big pile. Before you know it everything in that pile will be in the garbage can and you end up loosing something really important.
    If that becomes your habit then there will be dirty, messy piles all around the house and you will end up finding nothing. When you look everywhere, you have a feeling it’s somewhere but you never find it. That pile then turns into a black hole.
    This is what annoys me the most. People throw things around everywhere and don’t even care to clean it up. It’s like littering in your own house! Why would you want to make your own house a dump instead of a paradise? To me that makes no sense at all. I mean, would it kill you just to clean up after yourselves or be a little neat? It won’t take much time unless you have a really big mess in front of you. All you need to do is sort the mess into piles and put them back where they belong. Now was that so hard?
    I blame technology. T.V, computers, phones, and other electronic devices keep kids from doing what they’re supposed to do at that time. Parents keep yelling at them to clean their room, do your homework, come down for dinner, etc. All that’s keeping them from doing what they are supposed to do first is the screen in front of them. I say parents tell their kids to do their priorities first then think of a limited amount of time for their kids to spend on electronics. It’s about time kids start doing what they need to first.

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