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Friday, February 18, 2011

Winning and Losing

                   For the past two or three weeks in English class we have started a new persuasive unit called the Apprentice. It consists of four tasks which "companies" will be competing in. My company is called Excel and the three other teams are Hydra, Apex, and Synergy. At the end of this unit only one company will be hired into Spoole Industries. So far, my team is in the lead, followed by Hydra, Synergy, and lastly Apex.
                   We have completed two tasks so far. The first board room was won by my team earning fifty points. The second board room Hydra won with one hundred twenty five points. After the first board room I noticed that most of my friends in the class seem to infer that Excel wouldn't just win this board room, but also be hired into Spoole Industries. They thought that since we got along so well and did every thing on time and correctly it wouldn't matter if they even tried.
                  With that attitude set in their minds it seemed as if they would give up very easily. The truth is there is always room for improvements. If you just think you won't win you won't, but if you give you and your team a chance you will have the courage and determination to win. Without everyone putting their best efforts there is no suspence which makes the Apprentice very exciting. You should always follow your dreams and goals and with confidence and teamwork you can win.

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