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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Problem With Their Dads

"That stuff about my father was true,"Freak says,"The Fair Gwen won't talk about it. All she says is, 'He made is decision and I made mine.' But I know he ran away because of me."

Grim out in  the kitchen on night, after supper whispering to Gram had she noticed how much Maxwell was getting to look like Him? Which is the way he always talked about my father, who had married his dear departed daughter and produced, eek eek, Maxwell. Grim never says my father's name, just Him, like his name is to scary to say.

                Freak and Max are best friends with one main thing in common. Both their dads abandoned them for different reasons. Imagine, living without your dad and just your mom or grandparents. The fact that they abanded you and the thing that everyone talks about , is all because of their dads. Living with that coming back in your mind every minute seems unbearable. For this reason, Max had always been too tuogh. The action of just one person can change your life forever.
               The reasons that the two don't know thier dads are very different. It is said that freak's dad disappeared when he heard the words "birth defect" from the doctors at the hospital. He realized his child had a disability and left him for his wife to have all the responsibilities of a child. Max's dad is known as "Killer Kane". From his nickname you can tell he is a suspect of murders. He is now in jail and is soon to be released. Both their dads have a secret in which I infer Freak and Max wouldn't care if they came back for  them.
Freak the Mighty

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