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Friday, February 25, 2011

Jyoti Amge

                   Here is just a regular picture of school girls and one toddler in the middle, yes? Well that isn't true. You see a group of girls and one much shorter than all the others but all of them are the same age. Would you believe that they are all in the age range of fifteen to seventeen years old? 
                  The significant girl in the middle is named Jyoti Amge. She is only two feet tall and weighs about seven pounds. She lives in Nagpur, India with her four brothers and sisters. She plans to be a Bollywood actress when she grows up (Bollywood is where films in India get made, much like Hollywood in California). This girl has gone through a challenging life with many hopes an dreams.
                   She has gone through many surgeries and check ups. She has surgeries every once in a while to make walking easier for her. Doctors still aren't sure what type of dwarfism she has. They just know that her body isn't growing. This is an amazing girl. Her attitude and smile can make any one's day. It seems that it doesn't even matter that she is shorter than anyone else.

I would like to end this post with a question. It Jyoti doesn't care about how short she is, why do the rest of us care about how we look, what we wear, what we do, and who we hang out with. We should all be thankful for what we have and live life as it is with a positive attitude.


  1. Dear Simran,

    This article is a great article but ot is also very sad. I wish that girl feels better and is able to achieve what see wants. I am sure I could have not lived like her.


  2. Dear Hemani,
    Thanks for the comment. I know most of us probably can't even think of living the life that Jyoti is leading. Even though she may have many problems during her life I know she can go through it. Thanks again!

  3. Dear Simran,
    Nice Job on your post, it touched my heart.
    I feel bad for Jyoti because she knew from three years og age that she was different, even though she is small no one treat her differently and that's what really matters. She still has friends, family, love, hope, and dreams. Without all this her diesese would be more painful. I think that kids around the world should be ahppy from what they have and also never call someone else a "migit".