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Monday, December 13, 2010

Special Blog Post

The Last Book in the Universe
                    For the past two weeks in English class we have been reading a book called, The Last Book in The Universe, by Rodman Philbrick. It's about a boy, Spaz, who lives in the Urb after The Big Shake. The Big Shake was something that wiped out the human species. Now about one thousand years later the planet is split up into two places, the Urb and Eden. The Urb is where normals live and Eden is where proovs live. Proovs are people who were made genetically perfect when they were born. They always think that they are better than Normals, who don't deserve to live in a place like they do, which is beautiful with blue skies and green grass. In the Urb everything is dirty and people are poor. In this book there is adventure, excitement, and love for family.
                   One day Spaz goes to rip off Ryter, a poor, old man, because of orders from Billy Bizmo, the boss of his latch. Ryter has a bunch of papers to create the last book in the universe. ( since this is the future books no longer exist, people now probe which is a way to see something in your mind) Spaz also gets a message from Charly, his foster dad, that Bean, his foster sister is almost dying, she wants to meet him before she does. Spaz goes on this amazingly, dangerous adventure along with Ryter. Will Bean be saved? What else will this book hold? The only way to find out is to read!
                      In my opinion this is a very good book to read. It talks about how important family really is, why people shouldn't be separated into groups, and adventure. This book even has different lessons to learn. I recommend this book to people who love to read about the future 
 and can't imagine living in a world without books. Enjoy reading!

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