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Friday, December 10, 2010

Past Christmas Memories

                   Christmas brings joy all around the world. Every year that passes by I remember hearing the crinkling of wrapping paper, laughter all around, and the delightful aroma of dinner coming up my nose. For each year that passes I remember something different. I might be celebrating Christmas with my dad's family or my mom's, it doesn't matter. My family is together spending unforgettable moments.
                     Since I was five I remember something special about this night. On one of my first Christmas I remember eating at a restaurant with my cousins then coming back home to discover the gifts that Santa had left for us, three lego boxes. Something I always love doing is decorating the tree. Glitter from the ornaments rub off on my hands, while my aunt puts up the lights. On Christmas Eve I would beg my other aunt to repeat the story of Jesus, even though I could remember it by heart. My parents would even take us to New York just to see all the beautiful, magnificent lights on the buildings, and of course the great, big tree at Rockefeller Center, while singing carols in the car. Isn't Christmas wonderful? I can't wait to see what joys it brings this year. 

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