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Friday, December 17, 2010

Debate on Breaks

                   Throughout the year we get many breaks off from school. Some can be as short as a day or as long as ten days. The longer ones are fall, winter, and spring break. These vacation days are to let us spend time with family, enjoy the holidays, wake up as late as you want, and relax from your school life. All three of these breaks last about a week, and of course there is also summer vacation which lasts two and a half months.
                    What I wonder is why do we have week long breaks through out the year and once the school year is done we relax for two and a half months? There is so much of a difference in between that kids forget half of what they learned the past year, and when we have the week long breaks it feels to short to enjoy. Even when we do have breaks we get homework, so how are you supposed to enjoy time off with homework? It's just like having school at home. My cousin who lives in India has a month long break for winter and summer and shorter breaks in between for other holidays. Which break combination do you think is better for our education and our time to enjoy it? Please answer my question in the form of a comment.


  1. I would love to have a different school schedule. I would love to have a longer break over Christmas which could allow my family and I to take a winter vacation for once.

    Mr. C
    Noel Elementary

  2. G'day Julie,
    We have just been thinking about changing our term holidays here in Tasmania. At present we have three terms, while the rest of Australia have 4 terms.

    Rest of Australia - their terms are ten weeks each and depending upon the date for Easter is when first term begins. Their breaks are two weeks each and six over the summer break (Christmas/New Year) here in the southern hemisphere

    But in Tasmania (a small island off the southern part of mainland Australia), we have three terms only. That means we are not on holidays at the same time as the mainland in general. We usually have a week at Easter, two weeks in early June and two weeks in early September then a seven week break over Christmas or summer period.

    I much prefer the three terms because airfares are cheaper in our two week break periods as the rest of the country isn't also flying away for holidays.

    But for the students 12/14 week terms can be very long without a break - both teachers and students can get frustrated by the end of term.

    PS Not all students have google accounts, so can you also allow them to sign in with Name/URL??

  3. While I do like a longer summer break (in NJ where I live we have about 10 wks off), it could be a little shorter. I would like to see a break at the end of each of our marking periods. These breaks should be homework free! Doing this would be difficult because some of our holidays are federal holidays and so we'd have to have those days off. It would make planning for longer breaks at end of terms very hard to coordinate. But I think breaks should be just that- breaks from school work!

  4. Dear Simran,

    I like how your blog contains a variety of topics... such as this one! This topic really gives the chance for readers to give their opinion on school breaks. Personally, I really enjoy school breaks but it is a challenge to recover from them after they are over. Although, school breaks are something I really look forward to...especially the upcoming one!

    Keep on blogging,

  5. Simran,
    I love breaks, because you have time to just relax, and spend time with your family around the world. (Paris, here I come) It also means to have fun after all that work we have to do. We should have more breaks since we work so hard and get only three breaks, atleast a two or three days off. Kepp blogging, and enter my contest.