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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Keeping Up With An Average Sized Family

                    One of the things that come along with a little person is keeping up with an average sized family. Unless both of your parents are little people too. But in this case it isn't. Anyway it is fun most of the time, but frustrating in others. It's only a family of four, my dad and mom and my brother and I.
                   Of course siblings can be really annoying, but in the end you have to love them. Even if he gets on my nerves by putting stuff where I can't reach it (my brother is eight but a lot taller). The point is that even if most of my things in the house are not to my reach, I still have help. Plus, when I am with my family I don't realize that I have a different height than I am supposed to. Family is very important and without one it is almost impossible to live life.

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