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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Perfect World

                   In Enlish we are reading a book called, The Giver. I predict it will be about a man living in an imperfect, chaotic world. He tries to imagine himself living in a perfect world, the total opposite of where he is living. His dream becomes reality by him "giving" all he can to help his city. I ask myself and you, what is a perfect world?
                    Everyone has their own definition of a perfect world. For me, there is world peace, no pollution, no poverty, and everyone is treated the same. There is no war, like the ones going on now, the world is clean, instead of a big mess, and there aren't any poor people or people that are treated differently. A day in my perfect world would be to go to school later and come back earlier, spending more time with friends and family, and being outside more often. Everyone would want a perfect world. The question is, if we can dream one, can't we make one?                                                                                    

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