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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Speculative Prompt

Isabella's Trip To The Principal's Office
             Isabella is a student at Robinson High School. She is a senior and is reaching the end of the school year planning what she will do in college. Isabella or "Bella" as her friends call her, is a perfect student. The type that teenagers want to be, popular, intelligent, beautiful, athletic and fun to be with. She has a perfect grade point average and is kind to everyone she meets. Isabella figures she has done nothing wrong until... she gets called down to the principal's office.
                    It was during passing while Isabella and her friends were headed to their favorite class, English. A moment later there was an announcement," Isabella Peterson, report to the principal's office!"made by the principal herself, Mrs.Kennedy. Isabella's books fell out of her arms, her friends were astonished. I didn't do anything wrong, she thought.

"Do you want one of us to come with you Bella?"one of her friends offered. 

"No, it's fine, really. I wouldn't want you guys to be late for class." she replied.

Her friends said unsure"Okay then. See you later."

                    As Bella walked slowly to Mrs.Kennedy's office she couldn't figure out what she did wrong. She said to herself, " I get straight A's. I do what I'm told. I am always nice to anyone I meet. What could I have done wrong?... Could it be? Would I really be in trouble for doing that? I only did it once. I WOULD NEVER do it again!" There it was. The door to her office. Bella turned the door knob reluctantly as she walked in.

She asked, " May I come in, Mrs.Kennedy?

"Oh. Isabella is that you? We have something very important to discuss." the principal stated.

'Uh oh,' Bella thought.

"Isabella I am very..."

"Disappointed I know. I mean how could a student like me forget a single homework assignment? That is very..."


"Irresponsible I know. How could I just let that slip out of my head?"

"Isabella, this is not about your missed homework assignment."

"It isn't?" Isabella just stared at her. " Then what did I do wrong?"

"You did nothing wrong my dear. I just wanted to tell you how proud I was of you. Remember those four college applications you filled out?"

"The ones to Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and  John Hopkins? Of course I remember them. I sent them three weeks ago."

" Yes, and since you are such a great student, they said they would be delighted in accepting you. Along with that, you are one of the top five students with a scholarship to any of these four colleges. This has given me the decision to make you valedictorian of your class." Mrs.Kennedy smiled. 

Isabella's jaw dropped open. She was ecstatic. "That's amazing! I can't believe this! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"You are very welcome. I am delighted to have a student like you. You may now proceed to your regular routine."

                   So she left to her English class. She couldn't wait to tell her friends and parents. This was one day of high school she would always remember. The only problem was... she couldn't choose which college she wanted to go to. She was stuck between Stanford and John Hopkins. Stanford was closer to home so that beat the tie for her. Isabella couldn't be more happier. Her hard work paid off after all.

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