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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gift of a Friend

                   Friends are always there for you. It doesn't matter what situation you are in. They will always lend you a helping hand. It can seem like they you everything about you, more than you can every imagine. Yes, we could live a day without them, like on they weekends, but when they moved can you really? No, we may not. This is the time where we learn the importance of a friend. How the friend not only becomes a companion, but a gift.
                  They could be the most important gift of all out of everything you have recieved on a holiday or your birthday. For they are much more valuable than a jewl or a toy that only gives you happiness for less than a year. This is such since you see something special about your friend everyday. They can become so close to you that they can act as another sibling. A family member in which you can never live without.
                   Everyone has friends. They make us happy. We'll cherish them forever and never forget them. They are one of a kind. Nothing in the world can replace them.

This post is deticated to all my friends. I will always take the time to remember you.

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