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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Is Money Really Everything?

                    Money is something no one can live without. We have all used it before and it is why we have the things we do today. Imagine how far a little piece of paper or metal has gotten in thousands of years. Dollar, pound, rupee, euro, these are all different types of money used in different countries.We use dollars, England uses pounds, India uses rupees, and most of Europe uses euros. They all hold one purpose, and that is to buy our necessities.
                    What if money was never used? That the person who discovered it never came up with it. Everything would be for free and for no values. People wouldn't have to worry about being rich or poor because we would all be in the same class. Each thing would have the same value as the next.
                    Which world would you rather live in. One with money or one without? A world in which everything has a different value or a world in which everything would have the same value?                           


  1. really great paragraph it really did helped me in my homework. its very meaningfull and catching to the readers