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Friday, March 18, 2011

Great and Poor Teachers

                    Today in English we watched four videos. One of them was about what great and poor teachers do differently. Great teachers enhance your learning and make you want to think every morning, 'What am I going to learn today?'. Poor teachers just write on the board and just tell you to write the notes down, therefore thinking that the notes will explain everything and the teacher doesn't have to explain anything. We all have teachers like I said in both of these examples.  
                     Great teachers explain everything to you until it's in your head and you understand it. They'll do anything they can to make sure that you know what goes on during lessons. It's their job to teach. They take it as a gift, not a sorrow. They want you to be the best you can.
                      Poor teachers are the opposite. They don't care what goes in your brain, they are just their to do their jobs. That is to write down notes on the board, let you copy it, and get paid. It might even seem that they are the reason that some students get poor grades.
                      Now you see the difference between these teachers. We have them both. Whether we like them or not. All of them has their own way of teahing.



  1. Dear Simran,

    That was a great bolg post. It is true that there are many teachers like that. I have some good teaxhers and some poor teachers. Great post!!!! Keep blogging!!!!

  2. I actually thought about it for a while. It it really true that if the teacher is not teaching you the correct way, the student gets poor grades. I LEARNED SOMETHING NEW!