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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wonders of Sleep

                Sleep is very important. Some of us whine right before we go to sleep because we aren't tired. Your body says that but your mind says "no". Then when we wake up we don't want to. We just want to stay in bed, which is the opposite of what you felt last night. This is perfectly normal, everyone experiences it.
Here is a little scenario most of us have gone through. Enjoy!
                Walking up the stairs to my bedroom I am not tired, but that isn't in my dad's vocabulary. Reluctantly, I put on my pajamas and plop onto my warm, comfy bed. I reach out my hand to turn my alarm on. Then I put my cozy blanket over me. Ten minutes later after continuous tossing and turning to get in the right position I am off into a deep sleep. While sleeping I go into a world where anything is possible, the world of dreams.
                 A few hours later slowly, my eyes are drifting upwards to check the time. It is 2:45 A.M. "Yes!" I whisper,"I have plenty of time left. DRRRIINNG! DRRRIINNG! My alarm rings. I wake up immediately to turn it off. What! Wasn't it 2:45 just a minute ago? How did it get to 6:30 already? Disappointed, I tumble off my bed, raise the blinds, then head into the bathroom. Then I realize it is Monday. The weekend seems so far away like a fading dream I can never replace.


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  2. Dear Simran,

    Excellent job! After reading your little scenario, I just had to read it again because I couldn't get enough of it. I can absolutely relate to this as it has happened many times to me. Wonderful job and keep up the good work!