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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Everyone is Different

Roloff Twins
Jeremy and Zach
(Zach has achondroplasia like his mother)
                     You may have heard the term "nobody's perfect" which is true. Everyone is different in their own special way. It is just that you might not take the chance to notice it. On the outside you might seem like a regular person, but is that true for you on the inside. Of course, all of you now know that I am a little person. Now let's find out what is special about you.
                     There are many adjectives to describe just one person. You could be tall, short, fat, skinny, smart, fast, slow, funny, serious, and talkative. Now I know those are a lot of words, but let's see if one fits you just right. You can look at yourself in the mirror and describe yourself that way, or you can even ask your friends and family and see what they think of you on the inside. That way, you will get many answers. Try doing this at home today and send me comments of what you heard and saw. Always remember this, nobody can be perfect but you can always be your best! Thank you for reading!

Jeremy and Zach Roloff


  1. Dear Simran,

    I am really impressed on your interest in the Roloff family. As I have said before, you are an inspiration to all of your peers and adults around you. Especially me.


  2. I definately agree with you how nobody's perfect. Your rabbit is cute too!!! My question is,how did you get one?


  3. Great blog post, i really like how you expained that even though you were 'a little person' you look at yourself in a way that many people like you don't. It's really great how you say nobody's perfect,and that were all unique in a special way. We should all rememeber that expecally starting of in middle school, when there's rumors. I loved your advice... keep up the great work!