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Friday, October 15, 2010

Appropriate Terms

                    There are a few terms to address a little person. Some are acceptable but there is one where little people can't stand. Do you know which is the appropriate term? It is okay if you haven't heard it before. Just guess before you read the next paragraph. Is it dwarf or midget?
                    If you guessed dwarf you are a hundred percent right! I know you have all heard the term dwarf, but I'm guessing some of you haven't even heard the word midget. I dwarf is someone who has short stature from birth who grows up to be about four feet tall. A midget is a person who is slightly smaller and in some cases belongs in a circus. Most of the time when someone is called a midget they are made fun of. I hope you con predict that the lesson here is you always have to think before you talk.

Bill an Jen Klein

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