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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fun with Piano


Antique Piano
Antique Piano

           Everyone has something they love. It could be a place, a hobby, 
even a pet. You get a feeling that you love, something that you can't live
without. For me it is playing the piano. It is one of those things that your
mom tells you to stop and have dinner, but you don't listen. I love that
          I've played many songs on the piano. I have two books full of
them. Once you get the tune to the song that you are playing you don't
want to stop. You just keep playing the song over and over again. I
have gotten that feeling many times. Two of my favorite songs to play
are Fur Elise and Nocturne. Fur Elise is written by Beethoven. He is my
favorite composer. Nocturne is slow and soft. My advice is keep doing
what you love.
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Grand Piano



  1. hi Simran! I love your blog!
    I also sometimes had hard times
    practicing piano when I was younger.
    It takes practice. But now i don't
    play it anymore. At least it's fun
    to play with all the time.
    stop by at my blog sometime at
    See you later!

  2. Yes! What Sarita said is true! I also have trouble playing the violin sometimes. But it is a great experience to finally pick up a instrument and beautiful songs! It just feels great! See my blog if you have time!

  3. I can relate to this because I have a piano too!
    I started playing recently and I can never stop.
    My piano is a baby grand piano. What is yours?