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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


                   Achondroplasia? What does that word mean? Achondroplasia is a type of dwarfism that I have.  It causes short stature. You get short arms and legs, and an abnormally large head. Some of you might be thinking "Did you get it from your parents?" The answer is no. You can, but in this case I didn't. Right now I am about three and a half foot tall. By adulthood, you can only grow to be about four feet tall. I need help with reaching things like a light switch.  It might not be easy being little, but in one way or another you can make it work.
      Thank you for reading!
Amy Roloff (left achondroplastic dwarf)
Matt Roloff (right diastrophic dwarf)

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  1. Wow Simran!

    I was really impressed on how you are so courageous to write about yourself. It really is an amazing quality that very few have. Keep up the good work and I am honored to be so close to you.

    Good wishes,
    Meena Auntie and Rishika