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Friday, September 28, 2012

The Stars

In the night,
The stars shine bright
Who knows what's beyond the light?
For when it's dark,
There will be light, 
But who knows when it will shine all night?
Sirius, My favorite, and the Brightest Star
                As you have read my little poem, you can tell I'm a fan for the stars. I don't mean actors or actresses, singers or dancers. No. I mean the ones up there. The ones shining bright above our heads, those tiny, little balls of light. Since the past couple of months, I've taken an interest in the stars.
The Constellation, Aquarius
                The way they shine to show us a path. The way they form to create a constellation. The way they give us hope. Uncountable they are, and mesmerizing in each and every way. There's galaxies and a whole universe full of them. They hold a mystery just waiting to be uncovered.
               Haven't you all wished upon a star, waiting for that wish to come true? Experience the wonder of knowing what's out there? I have. Curiosity is the one emotion that never leaves my side. Asking millions of questions to finally get answers is one of the things I love to do. I want to know what's out there. Is it heaven, or is it just more stars? 
               People say the ones who've passed are among the stars. They're one of them, watching us, guiding us to the right path. It's like they're their with us, always willing to help. There are theories, and there are fantasies. Who really knows what's out there?
               One day . . . Someday I wish to know. I wish to lay out a blanket on the fresh, green grass and explore. Just watch. Take a telescope, a book, and just watch. There in the calmness of nightfall, with the chirps of the crickets, watching the sun bade goodbye and waiting for the stars to come and greet me hello.

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