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Friday, June 3, 2011


                    Love is something the world can't live without. It is everywhere. It is how relationships are made. There are many.

  1. A mother and her child. The most loving and cherished.
  2. A father and a child. An enjoyable yet heart warming experience.
  3. Siblings. Annoying but playful.
  4. A husband and wife. Lovely and caring.
                   Everywhere weddings are celebrated as a ceremony of love. The bride and groom have chosen each other for the rest of their lives. It shows that they can make the right choices and are ready to do anything for each other. 
  • America-The bride wears her traditional white dress and walks down the aisle holding a bouquet with her father. The groom waits at the alter. The couple makes their vows and exchange rings. Then the groom may kiss the bride.
  • Spain-The bride and groom wear the same clothing as read in the american weddings. Thirteen gold coins are exchanged to honor the ceremony. The two also exchange rings as well. Click  here for more information.
  • India- The cermony can last anywhere from four days to one week. The last day is the day of the ceremony. The bride applies henna on her hands and wears a sari along with jewlery. The bride and groom make their vows and walk around a fire for seven rounds.
All of these weddings take place for one reason only, for love. What would a world be without love? You won't be able to understand everyone and their feelings. Love is an essential part in everyone's life.

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